Monday, July 9, 2012

Todays good & Bad...

In order to find my Moxie, I am going to write the things I liked and the things I disliked about each day... Go!

1. Writing
2. Eating Sweet Corn
3.  Walking my dog around downtown

1. Being at the hospital
2. Singing in front of a crowd
3. Organizing my shoes

I have high expectations for My Moxie.

Throughout my little post grad life I have had many breakdowns and side comments from the peanut gallery of my life. One repeated phrase that I have heard is "Your to hard on your self" or "Your expectations are to high." Well guess what folks, I do expect a lot from myself. Maybe my expectations are to high... But guess what? High is exactly where they are going to stay!

Shouting my unhappy-ness from the rooftops!

Today I came to a realization... More like an acceptance, like an alcoholic admitting addiction at their first AA meeting.

Hello, my name is Laura and since I graduated from college in May of 2011 I have been unhappy. So after the begging from my giant fan-base (and by begging I actually mean my friends casually suggesting I write my frustrations out in a journal or blog instead of using up their texts or ear time) I have decided to start my blog on my search for my Moxie. For that one thing that I absolutely love to do.

Without going into to many boring details the past year i've been sitting at a desk crunching numbers as a buyer in place kind of like hell (Iowa...) Once I passed my year mark with the company I packed up shop, moved home, and accepted a management position with the best retailer in the world (at least in my humble opinion.) I have now come to the conclusion, retail might not be my gig. But here is what I do know... I am a passionate soul who was put on this earth to do something absolutely amazing. I just don't know what. Today I came to a very important realization that I thought someone as passionate and as life loving as I, could never be, the realization that for the past year I have not been happy. And this my friends, is the first step in finding my Moxie.

What is Moxie?



  [mok-see]  Show IPA
noun Slang .
vigor; verve; pep.
courage and aggressiveness; nerve.
skill; know-how.